"Namaste! Worship each other. We are Consciousness. Where Consciousness is, peace, abundance and harmony thrives. When We come together, the WE is empowering victory of goodness for Humanity! " says Nandhiji

The Declaration of Consciousness …A brief History

Tapas Yogi Nandhi arrived in America on September 1st, 2001. Literally 10 days before
one of our country’s darkest hour, 9/ 11. He witnessed how through adversity and conflict,
we the people of America gathered together to help one another to nurture, protect and to
heal ourselves, as we faced the overwhelming challenges of violence, terrorism and war.

He knew that the time had come to start asking deeper questions of ourselves.
“Who are we?”
“Why are we here?”
And,” how will we leave this Planet a better place?”.

Only collectively with higher consciousness can there be real lasting change.
When We the People of Earth stand up for ourselves and each other we can
create a New Declaration of Consciousness.

Thoughts have an immense power to change reality and create new realities because every action started with just one thought.

As Nandhi began the ceremony…he led the group in a very important prayer and had everyone chant Allah 9 times, (the Arabic word for God) to symbolize Forgiveness and Compassion for all humanity. At the end of the ceremony, each participate declared themselves to be Prophets of Peace and Messengers of Love.

Conveying that any name of God, was pure consciousness and that each individual has
the power to steer humanity to higher consciousness through the understanding that
God,Creator, Source or Spirit is all pointing at the same thing – Pure Consciousness!
The collective prayer was Nandhi’s expression of a permanent solution to ignorance…
which is what creates war in the first place. Four years later at Bhakti Fest 2012,
the vision of The Declaration of Consciousness Movement was born. Nandhi then
commissioned his good friend, Michael Perlin to co-create a document reflecting the
most important values for humanity.

Consciousness…is truly our only Solution.
Nandhi, Michael and 10 others, then rang a huge Liberty Bell to resonate the official birth of The Declaration of Consciousness.

When we see through eyes of Consciousness…we see the World as Whole, and we can now picture how we can all participate, collaborate and co-create in an organized system of Nature.

Every being has a purpose. We are all valuable and every soul was born to accomplish something great in their life…and this adds to our Wholeness.

The intent of The Declaration of Consciousness was developed to represent Basic Codes…
that would, by reading and signing, flower in the consciousness of all humanity…leading
the World into the Golden Age of Peace…which has been prophesized by many sacred Scriptures.

Then On December 21st, 2012, at Stone Hedge, Nandhi and several individuals gathered together
to meditate on a New Era of Consciousness. That evening in London, at the world famous
Odeon-West End Theatre, they celebrated The Declaration of Consciousness and a very powerful
Movie-“The 3 Magic Words”. This symbolized what they could accomplish and the beginning of
this profound Movement. Www.3magicwordsmovie.com Signatures were collected from individuals
all around the World. It was introduced and read by an 11 year old girl…to show all of
humanity that as we return to the innocence of a child…All separation dissolves…and by
remembering our innocence and our purpose we CAN and WILL change the World!

In England in 1689 the Bill of rights was created to protect the people of England from its
monarchy. In 1776, in America the Declaration of Independence was created to protect Americans.
Now, in 2012 the time is here again, for humanity to stand up as One Nation Under God Globally,
indivisibly for justice, freedom and compassion for all forms of life!

Our Global Collaboration opportunity is ripe and our conviction is steadfast.
We the People of Earth Declare Change….not just for a few…but for all.

We invite you to get involved by signing the declaration at Signdc.org and donating at our
Indigogo campaign.

The Age of Truth, Liberty and Oneness is here, as Each of us stand together in Consciousness ItSelf.
Let us all Be Consciousness in Action in the way we exist, do business, shop, raise our families
and live out our life’s purpose

Consciousness is the only Solution for our time!
May all beings on Earth be happy, free, and fully awake and Conscious!!!

Saivam Vetri-Oneness Triumphs!

Declaration Of Consciousness - London

Siddhar Yogi Announces The Declaration

Declaration of Consciousness Albuquerque

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