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Declaration Of Consciousness Movement

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for humanity to dissolve the prejudices, which have separated them from each other; it is the right of the people to declare, by the powers of the Earth, to which the Laws of Nature entitle them, a new global shift in consciousness. This consciousness is the We, the power of us coming together as One. Consciousness is the solution. Sign the Declaration and join the Movement.



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Planetary peace can only occur when we individually and collectively choose to BE and live in non-violence, honoring All as One.

As All are One, it is imperative to uphold and honor all women as reverently equal.

Our Oneness and collective evolution can only be achieved when we honor the rights of all to live free of any and all forms of subjugation so as to wholly and completely express a state of self-realized Consciousness, with Responsibility.

The future of our planet and generations to come depends on how we dutifully protect each child’s innocence and mindfully nurture the potential of each child, as a future leader in Consciousness.

Each of our elders is a wisdom keeper, deserving of our mindful respect and most compassionate caring.

The evolutionary advancement of our collective Consciousness and the development of all scientific and/or technological achievements which better our world, can only occur when society supports, honors and nurtures the development of creativity, free thinking and innovation.

The wellbeing of all people and the equitable sustainability of all societies depends on the conscious development and implementation of commerce that upholds to the principle of contributing toward planetary good before an intent to generate profit.

We are the Consciousness that reverently cares over each of the environmental elements that shape our global climate and sustains all life.

Honoring all paths to Consciousness.

Contribute/donate and help us build our Online Hub: We are building transformational technology with online consciousness hub and mobile hubs to access, nominate and award the most conscious people, ideas, leaders, businesses, entertainment and media. Our online hub will be an active Conscious Social Media platform bringing conscious people together globally to create multi-generational change and transformation for all of humanity.

Intent of Declaration of Consciousness Movement

Declaration of Independance intended freedom for a nation. Declaration of Consciousness is the voice of every human and the voiceless across the globe.
The Declaration of Consciousness Movement envisions every individual across the globe, communities and all cultures, enterprises and nonprofits, and all Nations to awakening to the inherent natural goodness, through the 9 tenets of consciousness, as the basis under which peace, prosperity, harmony and love can flourish.

On the macro reality, when nations adopt the 9 Tenets of Consciousness: The essence of all religions as in the secular principle is adopted while throwing away dogma and ignorance. In other words, when the principles of Consciousness is adopted, the inherent goodness of all religions are taken, leaving behind any idea and beliefs that does not suit this day and age. Declaration of Consciousness Movement seeks to be adopted by all Nations that wish to serve its citizens in the fullest aspiration of “We, the People“.

We ask all citizens of Earth to be a part of the growing vision of a dared endeavor of humanity through technology; strategic alliances; grass roots of each nation; conscious leadership and leaders; and working with the United Nations enhancing 1948 Declaration of Human Rights to have all Nations adopt Consciousness as the unalienable rights of the People.

The Online Hub being built is to reach Consciousness to All:

To fuel the grassroot movement to reach Consciousness through enterprise, entertainment and media, the Online Consciousness Hub is being built. With technology and the power of Each of Us, we will reach consciousness through enterprise, entertainment and media. We will be the collective voice of all global conscious aspirations. We are here to define a new paradigm of reality. Through conscious enterprise, entertainment and information we will impact change. The Declaration of Consciousness Movement (DOCM) Consciousness Hub, the online platform, brings together:

– People
– Choices
– Ideas
– Information

HOW?  We are empowered by the power of People joining the community and taking action online. Each of us get to nominate & vote ourselves and/or other conscious enterprises, movies, book, music, art etc. When a larger number of us join the community by nominating, voting and selling our movies, books, music and art, We are bringing the power of the People to highlight conscious choices in enterprises, entertain- music/ movies/ documentaries; and through media. We are now able to create consciousness information resources to know, evaluate, obtain and experience and encourage the conscious enterprises, entertainment and media.

Teams in Development

Administrative Councils


  • Add Declaration of Consciousness Movements points of charter as addendum to Declaration of Human Rights of 1948
  • Have our charter endorsed as an international humanitarian endeavor.
  • Encourage governments of all countries to endorse the charter of our Movement.

If you have the experience, connections and/or the enthusiasm to join our team to work with the United Nations, we welcome your involvement with us!

  • Launch our Movement by way of grassroot activism, online platforms and strategic promotion in all countries.
  • Take the initiative to have the leaders of the country to endorse and adopt our charter.
  • Through enterprise, entertainment, media and other conscious movements, reach individuals in each country.
  • Coordinate, support and work alongside all our other Movements in alongside all countries.

If you wish to involve yourself in our Movement in your country, we welcome your participation.


  • Partnering and forming alliances with all conscious Movements, non-profits, NGOs and charities across the globe.
  • Enabling to communicate, inform and propagate each others mission and events on our online platform.
  • To be the common front of each mission.
  • To activate all partnerships and alliance of conscious Movements, non-profits, NGOs and charities across the globe towards the common goal of consciousness.

We welcome leaders and representatives of all conscious Movements, non-profits, NGOs and charities across the globe to join us. We seek individuals who are able to communicate, coordinate and build partnerships and alliances with all conscious organizations. Council for Women Empowerment

  • Address all relevant issues and concerns related to women
  • Form a think tank to further the cause of our Movement
  • To connect, partner, alliance with all other women’s groups, movements and activities.
  • To strategize on empowering women through various activities.
  • To educate, guide and support women


  • To create, innovate, maintain technologies and online platforms
  • To monitor and manage data
  • To interact, coordinate and strategically work alongside the global online team.

If you are online savvy, experienced in online technology, skilled hacker or an online strategist, we welcome you to join our inspired work in utilizing your skill and proficiency in delivering consciousness by way of enterprise, entertainment, media and other modes to reach every individual.


  • Support, coordinate, participate and promote all Peace Movements
  • Strategize effective steps to propogate peace
  • To promote, announce, gather and showcase peace movements, gatherings and events.

Join us in coordinating, communicating, partnering and forming alliances with all peace movements to enhance consciousness through peace.


  • Showcase conscious media that promote consciousness
  • Strategically work alongside conscious media as sponsor and by being sponsored
  • Promote and manage PR
  • Provide the nominations on regular basis to the world media.
  • To debate and discuss our Movement with the public.

If you are inspired to work alongside all media and manage publicity, we welcome you to our team..

The Declaration Of Consciousness Movement Intro


Consciousness as wisdom was imparted by Masters through the ages, through all cultures globally and through all religions. Some were religious. Some were atheists. Some were agnostic. These Masters were from all walks of life. Masters of higher consciousness inspire and awaken us to our fullest potential. Our collage of the Masters enable us to align to the their ideals, their aspirations, their life message, their vision and intent of consciousness as your blessings. Awaken and Be Consciousness!

Global Declaration Of Consciousness Movement

The Declaration in London. December 21, 2012

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