"All forms of hatred for any reason big or small can be attributed to
A Separation Consciousness Perspective." says Nandhiji


Consciousness as wisdom was imparted by Masters through the ages, through all cultures globally and through all religions. Some were religious. Some were atheists. Some were agnostic. These Masters were from all walks of life. Masters of higher consciousness inspire and awaken us to our fullest potential. Our collage of the Masters enable us to align to the their ideals, their aspirations, their life message, their vision and intent of consciousness as your blessings. Awaken and Be Consciousness! Some of these Masters were persecuted, tortured and killed for simply stating the true nature of Consciousness that was beyond the threshold of beliefs of their time. This page is to honor the Masters of the past for their contributions to the growing Consciousness we currently experience. MORE MASTERS COMING!


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We are building transformational technology with online consciousness hub and mobile hubs to access, nominate and award the most conscious people, ideas, leaders, businesses, entertainment and media. Our online hub will be an active Conscious Social Media platform bringing conscious people together globally to create multi-generational change and transformation for all of humanity.

Teams in Development

– Council for International Diplomacy
– Council for International Involvement
– Council for Partnership and Alliances
– Council for Women Empowerment
– Council for Online Platforms and Strategy
– Council for Peace and Consciousness Events\
– Council Conscious Media and Publicity
– Council for Conscious Fundraisers

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