An Awareness and the Knowledge

An Awareness will bring good to the society. For Ex: An awareness of GMO seeds will stop the productions of it and improve the organic manufacturing.



Evolution of the human species from fear-based to heart-centredness

Through Consciousness we can make more responsible and conscious choices which enhance all life forms, Mother Earth and beyond

Consciousness is what we all are, One Consciousness 🙏🎨🌠🌞💕

If everyone knew we're all one Consciousness we would naturally understand whatever we do everyone would experience which is Already happening now just at a denser vibration !!!

A return to joy and light, free from outside manipulation and control of the material world. A return to innocent curiosity, and acknowledgement of our own divinity.

by stepping outside of the dark manipulation of first person experience fully, we are more able to use our empathy in an active way to help humanity. To return to joy we release our own suffering and in doing so, spread this joy to others. With the experience of pure joyful inner light, it is all encompassing. There is no greater gift, reward or experience. It is the meaning and the reason of life.

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