The awakening to the dance of life forming together as one. The expression of truth through conception and aiding to the flow of consciousness within universal principle. To become aware of self, interconnected as the whole.

It solves all problems through expansion of belief systems that include all. It supports the nature of things and allows all to be free in liberation of expression. It is abundant and uses the space to create in harmony of all in existence.

Know the truth, thy self and that love is the True answer to everything. We are all scientists if we realise this. We are powerful as one.

As above and conscious practice of yoga always

Awakening our mind?

By showing what is the truth and reality

Consciousness is Source God Infinite Void Absolute It She Him Nameless & Named- the Oneness.

With attainment of Consciousness peace, harmony, unity, coexistence, abundance and love thrives. Humanity deserves higher thinking as we evolve grow from human to Angelic.

Consiousness will be discovered, I believe, to be the unified field of all things. Even atoms are conscious. Consciousness is the energy of the Universe and also known by some as ‘spirit.’

I have written a book, "Our Ancient Future: One with Nature, People and Spirit," that addresses the challenges of the future with the ideal principles of the past that is based on an understanding that all life is conscious, not an assembly of objects. I am a professional speaker and author and would like to help you by presenting this idea to more people today. Thank you.

We Lightworkers are bringing awareness to our deepest purpose on this planet – LOVE! As a Love Warrior, I am raising consciousness to the love vibration with every interaction, connection and inspired social media share.

With a higher vibration, all the energy deterring us from unity will fall away. We will come together as one human consciousness and bring all our power collectively to create heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth!

Having strengthen of love & courage to show and give my peace & love.

An Awareness and the Knowledge

An Awareness will bring good to the society. For Ex: An awareness of GMO seeds will stop the productions of it and improve the organic manufacturing.



Evolution of the human species from fear-based to heart-centredness

Through Consciousness we can make more responsible and conscious choices which enhance all life forms, Mother Earth and beyond

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